Top 5 Best Co-Op Games

Have you ever talked with your friends online and had no game to play? Even after searching for hours? Well, this list is for you, as I will be presenting to you "Top 5 Co-Op Games".

For me, a complete and entertaining co-op game includes either of the following: the exploration of a world and the fight against enemies with someone alongside you, or a short/long lasting battle with or against your friends, and even puzzle solving with your friends, although it doesn't sound much pleasing, puzzle solving is one of the most fun I've had playing a co-op game because it makes your brain think a lot and there really is no way to be angry if you fail.

Let's get right into it!.

5. Overcooked | $16.99 | Action, Indie, Simulation

Created in: 3rd of August, 2016
Developed by: Ghost Town Games Ltd
 Playable on Nintendo Switch, Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
 IGN Review: 8.4 10

Overcooked is a fun 1-4 player co-op game where you and your friends arrange and cook  unique food items for your customers in a specified amount of time before your customers leave you   feeling bitter for not receiving their food, this is an amusing game that makes you laugh constantly   as you and your friends struggle to produce food.

4. Battlerite | FREE | Action, Competetive

Created in: 8th of November, 2017
Developed by: Stunlock Studios
 Playable on Windows only
IGN Review8.2 10

Battlerite is a strategically entertaining game where you choose a character and battle it out alone or   with a friend of yours, this game can make you either rage-induced or feeling on top of the world as   you battle online, either competitively or alone, in Battlerite, there are competitive ranks ranging   from Bronze to Champion, you can also purchase crates, skins, weapons and even victory poses!

3. Fortnite | FREE | Action, Battle Royale

Created in: 25th of July, 2017
Developed by: Epic Games and Gearbox Software
 Playable on Windows only
IGN Review?? 10

 Fortnite is an addicting game with over 3 million players playing daily, many argue to this day if   Fortnite is better than its rival, Player Unknown's Battle Grounds, but, in my opinion, they are both   the same game just some different added gameplay mechanics, anyway, Fortnite is also an anger-   inducing game just like Battlerite, in Fortnite, you must drop from a bus onto a place you desire,   then you loot the building and fight others.

2. Portal 2 | $19.99 | Action, Adventure, Puzzle

Created in: 18th of April, 2011
Developed by: Valve Corporation
 Playable on PlayStation 3, Windows, Linux, Xbox 360
IGN Review: 9.5 10

 Portal 2 is another amazing game that includes a lot of puzzles to solve, over 40 levels to play with   your friends! Even if you finish the game, you can play the game alone or even download workshop   maps to play alone or with a duo, there is no real way to be angry playing this game unless your   friend decides to mess with you, in this game, you can only get confused and maybe even a   headache!

1. Swat 4 | $9.99 | Action, Simulation, Tactical

Created in: 5th of April, 2005
Developed by: Irrational Games
 Playable on Windows only
IGN Review9 10

 Swat 4 is a fantastic game that is still fun to this day! Swat 4 is a tactical co-op, multiplayer and singleplayer game, in Swat 4, you infiltrate a building like an actual swat team and extract a hostage and kill people inside the infiltrated house, this is a realistic simulation of how a swat team breaks into a house and even a bit addictive.

Well, that's about it for the top 5 best co-op games in my opinion.

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