How to Be More Efficient When Shooting in Fortnite

Have you always not been able to kill people easily on fortnite?

If so, then this post is for you, I will be covering many ways to make sure your aim is on point and making sure you will be winning a lot of games.

1. Change Your In-Game Sensitivity to Fit Your Laptop/PC's Mouse's Sensitivity

One important thing that many players overlook is their sensitivity, sensitivity is how fast/slow your mouse/controller will be moving, the higher, the faster, and vice versa, the reason why this is so important is that you may not be used to the new sensitivity, making it hard to aim and headshot people, I myself struggle with the sensitivity as you have to play with it a lot

In order to change the sensitivity, you must do the following

  • For PS4

1.     Press the Options button on your PS4 to bring up the options menu,
2.     Click the settings, after that the Wireless Controller Sensitivity X/Y should be visible at the top,
3.     Lower/higher the sensitivity and test it out in-game to get comfortable as you will be using it a lot in-game.

  • For PC
1.     Hover your mouse over the 3 rectangles on top and click it, then click the gear icon (settings)
2.     Click the settings, after that the sensitivity should be the first option, 
3.     Lower/higher sensitivity and test it out in-game to get comfortable as you will be using it a lot in-game.

2. Know When and When not to Shoot

1.     When to
·         If he doesn't see you, then wait for the right moment and aim for the head
·         If he is building up, shoot him or the thing holding him up

      2. When not to
·         If you're outside the circle while its moving and so is he and you're behind him, completely ignore him, because if you shoot he will build a barricade and start shooting you, making you go outside the circle and possibly even dying.
·         If he is aiming at you, you will only die if you peak him.
·         If he is fighting another person and he doesn't see you, don't shoot him, wait until the fight is done then clean up the last guy (kill him with the little health he has after the fight.

3. Quick Tips on How to not Die Easily

  • If you're taking a medkit or a bandage or a shield potion, make sure to repeatedly tap W, A, S, D to make sure your movements are not easy to predict, at the same time, make sure you're crouching while using it, making it hard to dodge headshot.
  • Don't show your head for too long for too long, showing your head for too long will make sure an enemy will be able to headshot you due to the fact that you aren't moving.
  • Always be on the run, don't camp in this game, as it is easily punishable with destroyable houses, ambushes from above, and rocket launchers.
  • If you want low kills in the beginning then land in the farthest compounds, doing this will make sure you get all the loot possible without any enemies.
  • If you want a lot of kills in the beginning land in a heavily populated area, allowing you to get more kills and loot, and possibly even die.
  • Always build ramps into houses and bases while holding a shotgun.

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