How to Adjust Screen Fortnite

Are you tired of this always happening to you when you play? If so, then this is for you as I will be explaining how to fix this.

  • Why Does this Happen?

This happens because of your resolution. Fortnite's resolution might be completely different to your Tv/Monitor's resolution, this post will help you to fix this once and for all, let's begin!

  • Check your Monitor's Resolution

Before we begin with any of the steps, you have to make sure you know your monitor's resolution because if you don't know then you will have to start guessing

  1.  The first solution to find the resolution: Disconnect the Monitor/Tv and connect it to a computer/laptop and open Google Chrome or Safari or whatever browser you have, then write in the address bar the following:, if it gives you a resolution then you are good to go.
  2. The second solution: check your monitor/tv product details, if you do not have product details or even the box then check the other step.
  3. The third and final solution: If you have a PS4 or an XBOX One then open your preferred browser and write, it should tell you the monitor's resolution.
  4. If none of these can help you then I'm afraid you will have to revert to guessing the resolution later one.

  • Actually Fixing the Screen

              Now, after you found the resolution then you can now attempt to fix the screen so you can actually play the game properly.

  1. Try Changing the Resolution

  • For PC

    On the main menu, click the 3 tabs above each other.

           Then click the gear icon.


                   Then in the first window that pops up change your window mode to my window mode and the resolution to the one you found earlier.
  • For PS4 and Xbox

                   Perform the exact same steps as the PC

     2. Change your Aspect Ratio on Your Monitor/TV

          On some LG monitors, they have the ability to change the aspect ratio so it becomes "Just                    Scan", this is a temporary fix.

      3. Change Your Config Files to Fit Your Resolution

          The last step is to change the config files to fit your resolution.

                 1. Press  + S (Windows and S)

                 2. Write "%appdata%" in there and press enter.

                 3. You should be in appdata roaming, back out of it and go into local

                 4. Then find FortniteGame and then go into Saved and then into Configs and then into WindowsClient and then right click and edit "GameUserSettings.ini"

                 5. Then press CTRL + F to begin a search and then type ResolutionSizeX

                 6. If you're in the right file it should come up with ResolutionSizeX and ResolutionSizeY, if so, then change the resolution to your monitor/tv's resolution

That was it on how to fix the screen in Fortnite being either too zoomed in or too zoomed out.

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