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How to Adjust Screen Fortnite

Are you tired of this always happening to you when you play? If so, then this is for you as I will be explaining how to fix this.

Why Does this Happen?

This happens because of your resolution. Fortnite's resolution might be completely different to your Tv/Monitor's resolution, this post will help you to fix this once and for all, let's begin!
Check your Monitor's Resolution
Before we begin with any of the steps, you have to make sure you know your monitor's resolution because if you don't know then you will have to start guessing
 The first solution to find the resolution: Disconnect the Monitor/Tv and connect it to a computer/laptop and open Google Chrome or Safari or whatever browser you have, then write in the address bar the following:, if it gives you a resolution then you are good to go.The second solution: check your monitor/tv product details, if you do not have product details or even the box then check the other …

How to Be More Efficient When Shooting in Fortnite

Have you always not been able to kill people easily on fortnite?

If so, then this post is for you, I will be covering many ways to make sure your aim is on point and making sure you will be winning a lot of games.

1. Change Your In-Game Sensitivity to Fit Your Laptop/PC's Mouse's Sensitivity
One important thing that many players overlook is their sensitivity, sensitivity is how fast/slow your mouse/controller will be moving, the higher, the faster, and vice versa, the reason why this is so important is that you may not be used to the new sensitivity, making it hard to aim and headshot people, I myself struggle with the sensitivity as you have to play with it a lot
In order to change the sensitivity, you must do the following
For PS4
1.Press the Options button on your PS4 to bring up the options menu, 2.Click the settings, after that the Wireless Controller Sensitivity X/Y should be visible at the top, 3.Lower/higher the sensitivity and test it out in-game to get comfortable as you wil…

How to View Pictures of Private Instagram Accounts

Have you ever wanted to secretly spy on your crush's Instagram without her/him even knowing what you're doing? Well, you've come to the right place, as I'm about to tell you 3 of the best ways to attempt to break into their Instagram account.
1. Try to Social Engineer Your Way Inside
Try asking your crush if you could see why your Instagram isn't working like it should, even though it is, this might work, but I wouldn't suggest it as your first step because not many will fall for that.
Try to ask one of your crush's friends to open your crush's Instagram and maybe you can just get a sneak peak of what's inside.
2. Make a Fake Account Attempting to ask your crush is pretty risky, so try to become friends with his/her close friends, once you've done this (will take quite a bit of time for them to fully trust you), after this, make a fake account and tell this new friend to tell your crush to accept this new …

How to Fix Sound Not Working Windows in 10 After Update

Are you experiencing sound problems where the sound is not working after a windows 10 update? Well, I will tell you five steps in order to fix these problems.

1. Check if You Actually Have Sound On

Obviously, the first step you should perform is to check if your volume is on, to do this, make sure your volume bar looks like the second picture.

     1. Volume Icon in the Bottom Right

     2. Left click it

If your volume bar looks exactly like the picture then there is another problem.
2. Update Your Drivers
If the first step didn't work, then try this step.

     1. First, press ⊞ and S (Windows and S)

     2. Write "Device Manager"

     3. Find "Sound, video and game controllers" and click the arrow, then find your main audio driver (High Definition Audio Device is default)      4. Right-click it and press properties, then on the top click the driver tab then click Update Driver      5. Then click Search Automatically for updated driver software
If it then update…

Download YouTube Videos Alternate

Have you ever wanted to download your favorite songs and save them to your desktop? Well, now you can,

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing website, their headquarters are located in San Bruno, California. YouTube was constructed by Ex-PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, it was created in February 2005.

Is Downloading Videos From YouTube Allowed?

It is allowed to share videos, but it is NOT allowed to download videos on youtube according to YouTube's TOS (Terms of Service)

5B: "You shall not download any Content unless you see a “download” or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content."
Will I Get Banned for Downloading Videos?

I haven't seen anyone get a notice or a ban or a warning from youtube, although it's against the TOS, YouTube will not do anything to you if you download youtube videos without permission from the owner of the video, you can only get a strike if you re-upload the entire video without perm…

Top 5 Best Co-Op Games

Have you ever talked with your friends online and had no game to play? Even after searching for hours? Well, this list is for you, as I will be presenting to you "Top 5 Co-Op Games".

For me, a complete and entertaining co-op game includes either of the following: the exploration of a world and the fight against enemies with someone alongside you, or a short/long lasting battle with or against your friends, and even puzzle solving with your friends, although it doesn't sound much pleasing, puzzle solving is one of the most fun I've had playing a co-op game because it makes your brain think a lot and there really is no way to be angry if you fail.

Let's get right into it!.

5. Overcooked | $16.99 | Action, Indie, Simulation

Created in: 3rd of August, 2016
Developed by: Ghost Town Games Ltd
Playable on Nintendo Switch, Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
IGN Review: 8.4 / 10

Overcooked is a fun 1-4 player co-op game where you and your friends arrange and cook unique food it…